Environmental green shift plans
Are all the present rage.
The fight to clean up where we live;
A war that we must wage.

It is no doubt a worthy goal
To be pollution free;
But we can't save our Mother Earth
And not humanity.

Although clean up is not in vain
The focus is misplaced.
We should look for the reason why;
A source that can be traced.

To save ourselves we must clean up
The reasons why we live.
It's only when we take from them
That to life we can give.

The "why" we live which dominates,
That's left our earth destroyed;
With money and the stuff it buys
We try to fill the void.

It is a task that can't be done
No matter how we try.
If we persist then it will be
The reason that we die.

Removing from our lives this waste
Will not just leave them clean.
Environmentally we'll make
The needed shift to green.


Cancun: COP 16