The war on drugs is such a farce
It's worthy of the "Keystone Cops".
It is a war that can't be won;
But will end if demanding stops.

Our taking drugs is only one
Of eight ways that we all can try
To fill the void left in our lives
Right after we ask "Why am I?"

Since eight consume humanity
We are myopic there's no doubt
To spend such time and energy
Just putting this drug 'fire' out.

The emptiness can not be filled
With drugs or any other way
And trying will ensure that we
Will self-destruct before our day.

It seems though that it matters not
In self-destruction we will end.
When looking at the void within
The drugs appear to be a friend.

And so the war on drugs will fail
Regardless of the force applied.
If we persist obits will read
'Twas in the war on drugs they died.

To live we all need to create
A life without our common fear.
Then with the other ways we try
Demand for drugs will disappear.

Much harder than the war on drugs,
"The ideal" asks us to believe
There's purpose in creation of
A life no one will want to leave.

If we believe, the script will change.
We'll shoot a documentary
Of time once spent in war on drugs
Invested in humanity.

Alcohol, drugs, sex and other anesthetics