When 'Eve' asked 'Adam' "Why am I?"
He said he didn't know.
But 'Adam' thought, "I'll fill the void
So fear of it won't grow."
The void however can't be filled,
So while throughout the years
Successors tried without success,
They magnified their fears.

The ways we try are all opposed
Thus end in deadly fights,
But still these tries to fill the void
We're claiming as our "rights".
Our present fight for "human rights"
We want enshrined in law
Is not a hopeful sign. It shows
Our fatal human flaw.
Our "rights" we claim are just ideas.
They have no sustenance.
To spend lives fighting over them
Makes not a whit of sense.
Our "rights" we want for our attempts
To fill the void within
Have put us in a fight for life
Humanity can't win.

We do though have a common 'right'
That isn't widely known.
Designed by Nature for us all,
We make our very own.
It's natural activity
We really don't know why,
Evolved humanity until
Our 'Eve' asked "Why am I?"
It's reaching to the limits of
Unique capacities,
To others and to Nature's God.
Apparently it frees
Us from our fear of emptiness,
The reason that we fight.
Since Nature gifted it to us
It is our 'human right'.

The "human rights" that we create
Are therefore human wrongs.
We certainly can't coexist
While singing our own songs.
Our 'human right' though helps create
The human symphony,
With each one 'singing' our own part
In Nature's harmony.