We all should have Olympic dreams
To be what we can be.
That's what real life should be about.
It's not the life I see.

Life is about preeminence;
To be the number one.
We think unless we win that 'gold'
Our life will not be done.

But winning gold is not life's end.
When there we'll only find
That striving for external 'golds'
Does not bring peace of mind.

The 'golds' we win can't fill the void
Left after we ask "Why?"
That is a race we can not win
No matter how we try.

Too, gold we pull toward ourselves
Is from another's hand;
And conflict that results destroys
Our common human band.

Now if the band we wish to mend,
We must pursue our dream;
But in cooperation with
Each member of our team.

When all of us race to the ends
Of our capacity,
Up on the highest podium
Will be humanity.

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