"They" say we made progress today.
I say to them, we've lost our way.
To border walls he's added length.
George says that means we've gained more strength.
Steve blessed our border guards with guns.
We both fight terror with more funds.
The GDP went up some more.
A few got richer; most got poor.
More suffer with obesity;
But ever more kids won't reach three.
Some to ourselves more toys we give
While more can't find a place to live.
Each day new drugs  some lives extend.
Their cost is more than most can spend.
Some more into our faiths were born
To follow paths that are well worn;
But meaning not felt in old ground,
Another group a new one found.
The smog alerts increased this year.
It matters not. There is less fear
Of lives all being thus destroyed
Then spending less to fill the void.
This  'progress' life can not sustain;
And this life will not come again.