I've tried to wait upon you Lord.
Have I soared on those eagle wings?
I've worked, I did not sit and wait,
With faith toward those unseen things.
I hope and pray with all my might
My faith will soon be justified.
But there's such fear I've been a fool.
I do not know. Should I have tried?
I could have gone another way.
There are so many paths of dirt,
Each with their guards and signs and lights.
Why risk a crash, my being hurt?
I sense that life could be much more
Than conflict, hunger, fear and  hate.
There could be courage, peace and love.
But should I care we're in this state?
I seem here with these thoughts alone.
So should I be  where others plod?
What is the reason I am here?
Am I a fool? Are you there God?

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