It is a month till Christmas night
So now's the time to start the fight
To settle whether we should be
Still saying, "It's a Christmas tree".

For all our sakes we must know why.
Until we do, reindeer won't fly;
And Santa in the north is stuck
Frustrated, screaming "What's this muck?"

We're really such a stupid lot
To get our shorts in such a knot.
A symbol, but God's not at stake;
It's of commercial give and take!

Perhaps though that's the reason why
We hold our Christmas symbol high.
It's not the threat no carols we'll sing;
But registers that will not ring. 

Ho yes we must protect that sound.
So place the tree on hollowed ground,
Not to prevent religious strife
But to protect our way of life. 

We need to spend and spend and spend;
For if we don't our life will end.
The loss of Christmas we avoid;
With it we try to fill the void