"So, what is beauty?", you have asked.
It could be many things.
For instance, something it could be,
The notes a song bird sings;

A flower's bloom; an eagle's flight;
The fragrance of a rose;
The way that from a tiny seed
That lovely flower grows.

It too can be a growing child,
A sparkle in the eyes
Of infants learning how to walk
Then reaching for blue skies. 

It is a feeling that's within
We get when we "reach out..."
To find another piece of us
We can't become without.

A tender touch from one we love,
A mother's warm embrace,
A welcome smile and tears of joy
Like diamonds on a face.

The drink of water from a stream
And breathing in fresh air.
Our 'Mother's' other gifts to us
For showing that we care.

Then beauty is to feel again
When hit by tragedy
That seemed to leave a void inside
We felt we could not flee.

Since we find "beauty... in the eye..."
I could list many more.
But all will have the same effect;
It makes our spirit soar.