Make no mistake; do not believe
For soldiers dead I do not grieve.
But then I'm sad humanity
Does not yet have the 'eyes' to 'see'
The reason why we all can kill
By proxy, is we have no will
To find the way to get along
Because we must give up our 'song'.

No God, don't try to change my life!
It matters not it causes strife.
It is a life I will defend
But with the life of my dear friend,
My brother, sister, father, son.
I will remember everyone.
Two minutes I will gladly give
To those who die that I may live.

It seems to me it's just not right
That over our beliefs we fight.
I wish we all would volunteer
To give up theories we hold dear.
The place they were we'd fill with peace.
Remembrance Days would also cease.
A world however, without hate
Would still have cause to celebrate.

We could rejoice in lives not lost;
In living life without that cost.
We could remember when we found
Togetherness on common ground.
We could recite some poetry
About how pleasant peace can be.
To demonstrate we really care
White poppies on our hearts we'd wear.