Ten years until chaos begins!
That was the news from Tony Blair.
Due to environmental sins
We'll trash our 'home' beyond repair!

I want to speak but he is gone;
And with him everything he said.
Instead there is a pretty one
Who tells us many more are dead.

There was another "Columbine".
Some hundreds more die in Iraq,
Afghanistan and Palestine;
So many more I can't deep track.

Those millions dying we can see
Because there's not enough to eat
Are less than with obesity.
So sad; I need another treat.

Switch to another pretty face
Informing us about our stocks
Though few have access to this place
Where it's well known that money talks.

The government had to get tough
On those who listened to its song
That millions more are not enough.
Why need it tell them they were wrong?

The war on terror is a bust
Another blond distraction states.
With Bush now 'dead' who do we trust;
Who'll be the next the world all hates.

Tony I'd say, "I could go on;
I think you're wrong about the year.
The infotainment's just a con.
The chaos is already here".