It seems we need a reason why
We should get out of bed.
Without a reason to get up
In essence we are dead.

But what are we supposed to do?
Is anything OK?
For instance now, can I kill you
If you don't go my way?
If you say, "No"; then I'll ask, "Why?'
What reason can you give
That would tell me why I should care
Whether or not you live.

Don't tell me that it's just because.
A reason there must be,
To cover our entire life;
A future we must see
That's unified for all of us
Not just the lucky few.
This means it must allow for me
To see that I am you.
Don't look for a philosophy
We've tried them all before.
Religions only separate
And tally up the score.

You're having trouble, let me help.
I'll state the only why.
It's rooted in biology.
I think it's worth a try.
We do it somewhat anyway
It's just so little now
Because trying to fill the void
We've made our sacred cow.
Reach out to our capacities,
To others and to God.
Though it's the same for all of us
Uniqueness we'll applaud.

But even if we all "reach out..."
The why we still can pose.
The answer is don't pick it now;
"Reach out..." and smell the rose.