My mother is caught in this economic crisis. It could have been me. I worked at GM for about two years but left when a Human Resources clerk called me a misfit. I tried but just couldn’t quit reading the writing on the wall. My mother didn't work at GM because she was too busy looking after me and my four siblings. Mom is still able to look after me because my father managed to work at GM for 35 years and she is the beneficiary of his pension. Mom hasn't yet been told if she will be losing her pension but it would seem my mother will be one of many millions sacrificed to an Economy.

Unlike the pundits who know what they are talking about, I see no hope in an Economy its high priests insist demands human sacrifices. Watching efforts to restore the functions of a mythical junkie addicted to ever increasing infusions of cash leave me in despair. It is beyond reason why we cling to an imaginary god who organizes us into a giant pyramid scheme with a relatively small class of wealthy people at the top riding a larger workhorse middle class over a relatively huge class of poor living in horse shit.

I was utterly disappointed to learn President Obama's idea of “change we can believe in” was to strengthen the middle class and to restore the "American Dream" so kids playing basketball with hoops having no net could dream of having a basketball court in their own house. Each time I see President Obama I urge him to ignore the possibility of political crucifixion and inspire the transition from an out of our control vertical economy to a horizontal economy in our control; and in which though all of us are created with unique capacities, each of us will have for the first time in history the right to equal "life", "liberty" and "happiness".

Sadly he hasn't heard me and he probably never will without help for in a world wide web of experts I have absolutely no credibility. I am a 62 year old carpenter, a misfit, still supported by my mother, whose writing is off the wall. I am doing all I can alone; I can only hope for the collective effort needed to end the sacrifices.

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