AMERICAN NIGHTMARE: the dying Economy

Last week after the markets closed
We heard the most unearthly scream.
Collectively we pinched ourselves
To make sure it was not a dream.

And sure enough the scream was real
There was no doubt; it had to be.
It came from us as we all watched
The dying god, Economy.

Yes on the dollar bill it says,
For everything "In God we trust."
But that's because to God we pray,
"Don't let Economy go bust."

With money and the things it buys
We try to fill the void within.
It can't be done but we believe
Without it emptiness will win.

More money to fulfill "The Dream"
Has been for us our only care.
Economy's demise will mean
"The Dream" becomes a real nightmare.

If all of us do not wake up,
About the void we do not learn,
We'll keep our 'god' on life support,
Each day our nightmare will return.