When the ants write the final chapter of human history, and if we leave them any environment they will survive us because they know how to cooperate, they will make three observations. They will note that after a miraculous beginning as a single cell and a billion year evolutionary journey through the successive "Ages", the process came to an end in the "Age of Asininity". Their evidence will be billions of wide screen TVs all playing the same episode of the CBC's award winning show "Dragon's Den". They will further observe that our journey came to an end under the influence of the evolutionary principle "survival of the financially fittest". The ants will conclude the actual cause of our extinction was an economic asteroid, possibly around the year 2009. In their museum they will place the last in a line of human fossils. They will call it "homo sapiens sapiens materialisticus".  In the accompanying description they will draw attention to the skull and note that while all previous skulls in the line of evolution had some cranial cavity, this one is solid bone.