God is not dead nor is religion in decline. It's just that materialism is our religion and the economy is our God. Materialism is based on the myth that we can fill the void with money and all that it can buy. Trying to fill the void with money is thus the purpose of the materialistic reaction, making money the essence of life and the economy, god, the provider.

The economy's provision is far from just. First of all it restricts access to itself leaving millions of us struggling and failing to survive. Even if we do have access to the economy we still find the essence of life we get ranges from one of us getting the most through more and more of us getting less and less.  Also at any given level within the range the amounts we get are not constant. That sometimes seems to depend on how depressed the economy is while at other times seems due  merely to the whim of the economy. 

Nevertheless, so desperate are we to fill the void with money we worship the economy like we never worshipped God. We spend millions more marketing the doctrine of materialism. From the time we are born we train to compete for access to the economy, with not much thought given to our individual capacities. Our concern for its health is obsessive. The effort we make to stimulate the economy is continuous. The army of doctors and support staff we employ to monitor and interpret 24/7 every possible economic indicator surpasses the size of religious armies. 

Sadly, regardless of our effort, neither the economy nor the materialistic reaction can save us. In fact, rather than help, an increased effort, as in any reaction to the void, will only quicken our pace toward self-destruction. There is only one way to save ourselves from this certain fate. That is to renounce the materialistic reaction and its god and embrace the ideal. (see poem)