According to Stats. Can., alcohol consumption is on the rise in Canada. Quite likely the trend to drink more alcohol is not unique to Canadians. If this assumption is fact, the statistic is not a good sign, for alcohol is one of the legal and somewhat socially acceptable substances we use in our anaesthetic reaction to the void.

Generally speaking, drinking in an effort to fill the void is not our primary reaction. Clearly, that position is occupied by our materialistic reaction, with our religious/philosophical reactions playing a strong supporting role. However, our anaesthetic reaction is right in there to help us obscure the fact we are unable to fill the void. So an increasing rate of alcohol consumption can only mean more and more of us are discovering our primary ways of trying to fill the void are failing.

Particular examples of individuals whose primary reaction to the void is drinking, number countless millions. The resulting self-destruction and collateral damage is well documented. As more and more of us increase our rate of drinking the human wreckage will mount accordingly.  We can reverse the trend. If we don't the conclusion is predictable. (see poem)