There has been enough complaining about rising fuel prices that President Bush mentioned them in a speech while nature's offspring Katrina savaged the Gulf coast. He smiled reassuringly and seemed full of confidence as he said, " I'd like to snap my fingers and reduce the gas prices; but the market doesn't work that way".

Unfortunately, instead of sharing what he thought was his knowledge of market forces, President Bush merely revealed in yet another way that our collective depth of thinking is measured in microns. Contrary to his popular belief, market forces are not created by God. For sure we can not change the direction of a hurricane. However, we can alter the forces of the market.

The present market forces are created by our reactions to the void generally and in particular our materialistic reaction. Changing the forces to act for us rather than, as they do now, act against us is a simple matter of us all making the "ideal" choice. 

It is simple yes; but not easy. In fact it would be nearly philosophically equivalent to  changing the course of a hurricane. But how rewarding it would be. At the very least, we would know that we prevented our own self-destruction. see (the last why: the poem)