While warning the citizens of Louisiana about the impending hit by hurricane Katrina, the Governor said, "so far we've been blessed" (because the hurricanes have hit elsewhere). She went on to mention praying that Katrina is miraculously diverted; and by implication that it hits somewhere else. I couldn't help wondering what the citizens of  "elsewhere" will think of God after the hurricane wipes out their lives.

Every time President Bush concludes his speeches with "may God continue to bless America", I am bothered by a similar question. If God is blessing America, is God cursing the countries of Africa? It is widely reported that the president and his staff begin their meetings with prayer. What does that say to believers about the advice God gives as we watch the war in Iraq?

When I hear crash survivors proclaim that God must have a special mission for them, I imagine the anguish in the minds of the victims as they ask why God didn't consider them special. Each time a sports celebrity credits his "lord and savoir" for a victory, another has to be blaming God for a defeat.

What a hell of a bind we put  God in. God can't win. Every time we put God in the position of choosing  between us, God loses credibility. Indeed, God can not be, bound in our "religious thread". (see poem)