The headline was "Pope Benedict calls for more cooperation between Christians, Jews and Muslims to fight racism and terrorism". That call echoed loudly through churches emptied by the "creeping secularism" young Catholics were warned to guard against. The Pope also urged Catholics to maintain the "purity of faith". How many times have we heard these tunes?

The headline should be, "Another Pope continues to fiddle while 'Rome' burns". If the Pope really wanted to make a significant contribution to the harmony of humanity he would declare that the church has died through God's neglect. It really shouldn't be surprising. God never did go to church, nor to a Mosque, nor to a Synagogue. These institutions have been maintained by a desperate will to protect our reactions to the void. (see poem)

Religious/philosophical reactions to the void, like the others, are creations of men, not gifts from God. The original religion could not fill the void so another was created, then similarly another and so on until we have our present multiplying divisions. Each claims God as its own. However, it is utterly unreasonable to insist God can be in all religions. God quite simply can not be, in the divisions of humanity.

Without God in their divisions the Pope and other religious leaders lead in their own opposed directions. Any cooperation they receive, like what they give, will be on the condition their religious reactions to the void remain intact. What we really need at this time is a different 'tune'. We need unconditional cooperation to dismantle our divisions and increasingly embrace the ideal reaction to the void, the gift that is from God.