LIFE: the lottery

Someone won a $14 million lottery this week. The consensus of the envious masses is that the winner "has it made". If only money could make life meaningful; but it can't. Not even a hit of all the money in the world is enough to fill the void in just one of us.

There is no doubt this money will change the circumstances of the winner's life for a while. That person will be able to buy more of what they did, increased amounts of what they had, bigger versions, better quality. Nevertheless, if the 'dust' is ever allowed to settle, the winner will again find the void behind the last why necessitating an even greater high.

There are thousands of ways we can try to win and but one way to lose. Trying to fill the void with money is simply self-destructive. To think we've won is short-sighted. For a clear majority of us to believe if we win" we have it made" is not a hopeful sign. It indicates we are too far from the ideal to survive. (see poem)