Today I began my bathroom reno. I was delayed by the process of getting the Panfan, but the timing was perfect. While I waited I finished my gravel paths. (see index, CLEANING GRAVEL & BATHROOM 1)

In plan A I was going to install a walk-in tub; but $10,000 + install gave birth to plan B. It involves making a tub-size shower enclosure with a 1' curb. With sufficient hand holds it should be easier and safer to use. It will be deep enough for a tub because mom only pours enough water to keep from sticking. I can also bring in a bench for a sit down shower when I'm too old to balance while washing my feet.

I'm removing all the drywall, a messy job in the past; but this time I have a rare earth magnet to locate all the screws. I'm adding 1 1/2" of insulation to the exterior wall and insulating the interior walls. Both the bathroom floor and shower floor will be heated. I am replacing a 48" vanity with a 32" one so I can move the toilet away from the tub. I'll build a valence with recessed lights and storage above.

During the plumbing phase I will connect the Panfan to the toilet. This little fan sucks all natural gas though the toilet and vents it into the attic. No more embarrassing moments or chemical sprays. I will leave all complicated plumbing, tiling and heating to the experts. I'll also let an electrician wire the Panfan. I might give it more power than it needs and get stuck to the toilet seat, or worse.

I'll let you know how it goes. Visit the bathroom in the photo album.