Yesterday there was a huge televised funeral for "war hero" Smoky Smith. The media made sure we were aware that until his death Smoky was the last living recipient of the V.C. The story of how he disabled a tank and killed a number of German soldiers was told and retold with a tone of great reverence over the last 10 days.

To me it was a sad story with a potentially tragic ending. Now, I am fully in favor of celebrating the life of Smoky Smith; but no more than anyone else. Ideally our lives should be equally celebrated. Our obsession with the pre-eminence inherent in celebrity shows just how far we are from the ideal and thus close to self-destruction.

The fact that we continue to engage in deadly conflict is further evidence of our willingness to self-destruct. To then praise as heroic killing fellow human beings is simply not an aspect of human nature that is worthy of celebration. It does nothing for self-realization.

Celebrating a "war hero" after 91 years of life honors neither the man nor humanity. All it does is tell us we are only really a bunch of oxy morons. It offers no hope we have any understanding of what "real life" should be. ( see poem)