DIET 3: philosophical facts

Though the physiological facts are simple (see DIET 2 above), the philosophical facts are that maintaining the ideal body/mind we are born with is most demanding even in the ideal context. Being born into the context in which humanity is mostly trying to fill the void it is almost impossible to sustain the thought anything matters.

It requires a great effort keeping fit enough to enable trying to fill the void yet maintaining the ideal body/mind requires so much more. We must believe we are commonly designed to reach out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God. We must accept the responsibility to reach out to the limits of our capacities, to reach out to others with our utmost effort and thus fulfill our responsibility to God.

We maintain the ideal body/mind only to the extent we reach out.... It is by reaching out... more that we change our context. Changing our context is indeed most demanding; but it will also be most rewarding. (see poem)