The intention of the documentary was to shine a light on the effort of one man. What it did however, was reveal the darkness in which the rest of us live. Dr. Chandra lost his wife and two children in the Air India murders 20 years ago. In the years since, as a memorial to them he set up and runs a school and an eye clinic in his wife's home province in India.

The school provides uniforms, a meal and top quality education for 100 students out of probably 100s of millions that remain untaught. The clinic performs 150 cataract surgeries a day while each year 5 million out of 7 million new cases  remain blind.

Dr. Chandra's effort is one of the pin pricks of light in the dark side of humanity. Our essentially materialistic reaction to the void sucks the "light" out of life. (see poem) We can see the light of this unnatural activity from outer space but it is generally dark in our inner space. Our lives are filled with stimulants but they are devoid of spirit.

Make no mistake. Dr. Chandra's effort is no more a sign of hope for humanity than the young Ethiopian woman in HOPE. There will be hope when 100 people are left untaught and 150 of those who are curable remain blind. Then the smile on the face of humanity will light up the world.