If Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay play in the Stanley Cup finals next summer and the ice melts it won't matter. Sidney Crosby will be able to skate on it anyway. I like Sidney. I enjoyed seeing him score last night. However, our empty-headed, self-destructive preoccupation with the preeminence reaction to the void, among others, makes me sad; and do we ever demonstrate that preoccupation, with our continued worship of Sidney Crosby.

Most of us put just as much effort into our life activities for an entire lifetime and never get a moments notice. If we believe this notice is necessary to give meaning to our lives, I think even alone, not being able to get this recognition can make us desperate enough to take self-destructive drugs, shoot someone or even to blow up others along with ourselves; and there are 7 other reactions to the void.

 I sense I might be the only one entertaining this motivation; but if I am right we have a serious problem. The generally accepted wisdom is that given enough resources we might be able to win the war against those of us wishing to cause terror, by eliminating superficial causes. I think we are fighting an expression of the terror caused by a sense of meaninglessness, and sadly, even with the wealth of the universe, this is a battle that will end in self-destruction as long as we continue trying to fill the void.(see poem)