The government of British Columbia has also been given permission by the supreme court to sue tobacco companies for costs it incurs trying in vain to restore the health of smokers. So now an additional government can produce a smoke and mirrors show to create the illusion we're doing something constructive to alter our lives. Sadly, this production will be another tragedy.

Inhaling tobacco smoke is one more of our specific anaesthetic reactions to the void. Given the well documented and undisputed consequences of smoking, there can be no doubt it is a self-destructive activity. Yet a significant portion of humanity, surely greater than 50% world wide, willing choose to inhale debilitating toxic tobacco smoke as part of our desperate effort to fill the void. This by itself is such a tragedy. (see ALCOHOLIC ANAESTHETIC)

So too is wrongfully assessing blame. Tobacco companies are not to blame for the degradation of our health their products cause. Even if they do engage in seductive advertising and hide the health-destructive nature of smoke, they do not force us to smoke. It is not their fault our existence is devoid of meaning to the extent  some of us try to fill the void with smoke. It is our fault and distractions to divert attention away form this fact are such a tragic waste of time. 

If we really want to do something constructive with our time we should produce "real life" with the ideal reaction to the void.
(see poem) A collateral consequence would be the tobacco companies withering along with tobacco in the field.