WHITNEY HOUSTON: her unsung song

If there are angels in our lives
We can be certain of one thing.
They have a school of music where
Ms. Whitney Houston learned to sing.
Her voice would open heaven's door
From where we'd hear the angels cheer.
Before she reached her song's last note
We felt that God had shed a tear.
Ms. Houston sang her final song.
In echos of her actions though
We saw her words to "They Were Wrong".

"I climbed the peak of my career
Where I'd find fullness in success;
But when I made it to the top
I found there, only emptiness.
'They' said that I should trust the Lord
And all my cares he would relieve.
I tried with all my heart but found
'Their' promises were make believe.
Then I was told that love and sex
Would fill the emptiness inside.
At first I thought 'they' might be right.
I knew at last that 'they' had lied.
When all else failed 'they' tried to fill
The void in me with drugs and booze
Although I knew it was a fight
For life that I'd most likely lose.

I lost but I did not give up.
I had begun to see the light.
It's just that time ran out before
 The 'wrong' I could replace with 'right'.
I saw the void cannot be filled
Regardless of the way we try.
It's central to our life because
We cannot answer, "Why am I?"
All we can do is reach out to
The bounds of our capacity,
To others and to God as well,
Becoming what we're meant to be.
If I could do it all again
I'd sing with angels every day.
I'd do my best to make God smile.
We'll crash with any other way."