SHANE McCONKEY: flight to perfection

Shane soared with eagles one last time,
So high above the ground.
Flight was the reason that he lived;
Where life its meaning found.
He boldly went before us all
To show what we can do.
If only we would spread our wings
We could make that leap too.

The last flight did not go as planned.
His skis would not release.
With balance lost, his chute no use,
He knew he'd soon find peace.
Then Sherry, Ayla, Glenn and Jim,
They all came to his mind.
He thought of all the things he'd done
As life he tried to find.

But when his flight approached its end
He thought, "Well this is it."
He tried to say a prayer, instead
His last words were, "No shit,
What luck! I hit the perfect slope;
The perfect line I see.
I'll flip then pull my chute and float
For all eternity."

Dec 30 1969-Mar 26 2009