A liberal conservative
Without a place to stand,
Has one foot in the sea of change
The other on dry land.

"I'll change established ways", he said;
A popular refrain.
I'll win the war, create more jobs,
Remove the health care pain.

It's truly an  ambitious plan
That's worthy of applause;
But like Barach, John does not see
The underlying cause

Of problems that he says he'll solve
If it takes his last breath.
It will because he's like the one
Who tried to conquer death.

It doesn't matter what they are,
The problems will not end
When he or Barack O gives us
A law that they have penned.

They can not legislate against
The problems that we face,
Caused by efforts to fill the void
That will remain in place

Until we change within "The Law"
That governs what we are,
To natural activity.
Then we will heal the scar.

And if we change there'll be no need
To have a president.
So John will then have to accept
He was not heaven sent.

He'll be like all the rest of us.
We'll walk on common sod,
Reach out to our capacities,
To others and to God.

Barack Obama