Now everybody wonders why
The governor gave sex a try.
He had two girls, a loving wife,
Enjoyed success in a past life.
In politics a rising star,
To most it seemed he would go far,
Perhaps becoming president;
And now his life is all but spent.

The why is really very clear.
What Spitzer did was out of fear.
He spent his life on high priced sex
Because the rest gave no effects.
He looked for why but none was found.
In this we're all on common ground.

Before we join in poking fun
We should look at what we have done.
While Spitzer with the women toyed
In vain attempts to fill the void
According to the last report
We've trashed our only life support.
While trying hard the void to fill
With war how many do we kill?
We fill it with philosophy
And thus divide humanity.

Tiger's Tale