Occasionally there is a report about the gap between the rich and the poor widening. Perhaps the $70/hr. legislators in Alberta who announced raising the minimum wage to $7/hr. proclaimed proudly that they had narrowed the gap. It wouldn't be at all accurate to call the space between the richest man in the world and the poorest people in the world a gap.

In reality there are no rich and poor segments of humanity and thus no gap between these mythical divisions. Instead there is clearly a financial separation between us all, the result of our materialistic reaction reaction to the void. Our efforts to fill the void with money force us to get as much as we can and to protect the separations so that as little as possible crosses the divides. Because there is not enough money in the entire universe to fill the void in just one of us, the gaps between us become battle lines.

Whether we call them gaps, separations, divides or battle lines, they are destroying us. Humanity can not survive the growing number of widening financial divisions we are creating between us. If that matters, to close them we must abandon our attempts to fill the void and choose the ideal reaction.

There is not a more difficult choice for us to make but neither is there one that is more rewarding. Among the rewards for closing the  gaps, we will prevent our self-destruction and experience self-realization. (see The Last  Why: the poem)