LIFE: the game

The dominant goal of life is to try filling the void with money and all the things it can buy. (see poem) In trying to achieve this goal we form qualified teams. That is, we work together just enough to get as much money as we can for ourselves. Teams can consist of individuals or teams of teams of all sizes up to the nationals. The national team with the most money is the USA. Haiti, most African countries and many hundreds more are at the bottom of the standings. Team Canada with several other countries are somewhere near the top. China is on the rise.The competition to get to the top both within teams and between teams is fierce, often cut-throat. There are supposed to be rules but they are broken. Although we focus on offence, that is getting ahead, the USA alone spends trillions on defence.

 Perhaps millions of media outlets report 24/7 the results of the competition along with a never ending stream of expert commentary, analysis, statistics, indices and advice on how to get ahead. However, there is no similar exposure of the game. We seem content to leave the rules and are too afraid to query the purpose of life. There is apparent consensus life is being played as it should be or worse, as God intended. It just doesn't seem to matter that though we all have unique capacities, we are not equally capable of playing by the present rules; and that the least capable are ground up by the competition. Although we make the odd noise about doing it more humanely, neither does it seem to matter that we are sucking the life out of our sponsor and trashing our playing field.

We can play our sports with the same rules and goals forever and live to play another day. It's not like that with life. Our present goal is unequivocally self-destructive. Neither God nor nature can sustain our efforts to fill the void. We must change our goal or the game as it is now played will end. When this game is over, no one will be back to play another day.