Abortion can not be justified in "real life", the existence we would create if all of us were reaching out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to Nature’s God, the ideal reaction to the void. This natural activity, which results in self-realization, begins at conception and we can only argue otherwise to the extent our activity is less than natural. Natural activity ends with an act of nature. Therefore, if the capacity exists, interrupting an individual's effort to "reach out..." at any stage of life for any reason must be a crime against humanity. In "real life" there is only one right and it is natural activity. All obstacles to, interference with and certainly interruptions of this natural activity are outside the definition of "right". If we can agree to call what is outside "the right", wrong,  then  clearly, abortion is wrong.

In what I see as our present much less than "real life", generally we do not consider all interruptions crimes against humanity. As members of groups we kill great numbers of each other in 'justifiable wars' with no apparent punishment for our crimes, unless as individuals we break the 'rules of war'. Then we risk being punished for some sort of war crime. In the same puddle of muddy reasoning we dither over definitions of genocide, ethnic cleansing and civil war. Millions of us allow millions of others to die of starvation without fear of retribution. We do punish to some degree individuals who kill other post-birth individuals. However, we give ourselves permission to abort the lives of unborn individuals trying only to become what they are capable of being. 

The apparent reason for these legalized abortions is that enough of us believe it is a basic human right for women "to choose". The real reason is that majority of us is predominantly trying to fill the void. In this context of unnatural activity we can justify getting rid of any obstacles, interference and interruptions because we believe we have the right to fill the void in our own way. When trying to fill the void, nothing else matters. I suggest one of the eight ways we try to fill the void is with our anesthetic reaction to it, which includes sex. When trying to fill the void with sex, all individuals who are killed at any stage of life are merely collateral damage, the innocent victims of the war against emptiness. 

My interpretation of our existence is that we are proving we can not win this war by trying to fill the void in any way. My sense is that if we keep exercising our perceived individual right to fill the void in our own way, we will self-destruct in an escalating rate of all crimes against humanity and Nature. If it matters, I believe we can reverse this wave of crime by simply exercising our common human right to reach out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to Nature’s God; to become what we are capable of being. (the last why: the poem)