I  said some things I can't regret;
They needed to be said.
If truth between us can not be,
We may as well be dead.

I need to know what's on your mind;
What's in your line of sight.
Has friendship now come to an end
Because you think you're right?

I have not wronged you my dear friend
Because I have no stand.
It is the one who holds views tight
That greets me with closed hand.

I can not hold to your belief.
It's purpose I can see.
Belief that tells me what to do
Just cannot let me be.

I need to be what's natural;
Not what some men dictate.
Of all our many views of life
The consequence is hate.

Perhaps all views will not unite
In wordless harmony.
But what's for sure they will not join
If you don't start with me.