I tripped up on posted thread
So I went to emergency.
I asked the doc, "Am I brain dead?"
"You look all right; but let me see.

You have a pulse, that's one good sign.
Your hearing seems to be OK.
You have a growth but it's benign;
Yet interferes with what they say.

You also lack a 'philo' gene
You need in order to compete.
So if you do, protect your bean
By wearing Wellies on your feet.

Don't worry Doug", he said to me,
"It doesn't mean you are less bright.
Though without the philosophy
You can't contribute to their fight.

Don't try to rehabilitate.
Just keep on doing what you must.
You won't contribute to more hate
If it's your guidance that you trust."

My guidance is biology.
It tells us what we can become.
Of realized capacity
We all have our own unique sum.