In a closing remark before the New Year a CBC host said, "Whatever it is you want more of in 2006, I hope it is enough." There is another possibility but tragically, when trying to fill the void, more will never be enough.

 There is not enough money or ways to spend it in the entire universe to fill the void in just one of us. If we had all the time in eternity to fill the void with religious/philosophical pursuits, they would fall short. There is no one fact that will fill the void, nor will all the facts combined. A family, regardless of its make-up cannot fill the void. There is not enough love in the world to fill the void in only one person. No occupation is capable of filling the void. Preeminence, no matter the sphere can not fill the void. All the alcohol, drugs, sex, gaming and other anaesthetic activities taken together would be insufficient to fill the void. Not even by combining the ways we try, can we fill the void. Still we try, we fight over inadequate resources and we self-destruct.

Though we can't fill it we can minimize the effect of the void by reaching out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God. Because we have unique capacities, there would be no conflict. The resulting self-realization will be more than enough of what we want. (see poem)