Shania Twain is among the most beautiful women in the world. She is among the most talented singers in the world. She is probably among the richest women in the world. Therefore, a couple months ago she was given a Governor General's award to go along with all her music awards. What a discouraging message that sends to the rest of humanity!

My mother is 90 years old, is not at all Shania beautiful, has no particular talent and is not wealthy. She dedicated the best 32 years of her life full time to her 5 children and until almost two years ago, 64 years to her husband. She has put at least as much effort into her life as Shania and has not received a moment of recognition. So according to the Governor General and our discouraging view of life, my mother is a loser. In fact Governor Generally speaking we are all losers. 

This example of our preoccupation with awarding pre-eminence so angered me I started another rant. Mom asked me to explain. I shared with her the essence of my thoughts. I concluded by saying, "You should get a Governor General's award." After a moment to reflect Mom replied , "You should get a Governor General's award too", paused a second, then said, "Every one should get an award." 

Mom is right; but we don't need the pins. We should simply "reach out to..." and award each other with the recognition that each of us is equally pre-eminent in the 'eyes of God'. see (the last why: the poem)