Mom and I go for a walk about 3 times a week. Lately we've gotten back to hitting tennis balls once a week. We play scrabble every night. Ever since I bought my computer 02/05 our routine after scrabble has been for me to practice typing while Mom retired to the couch to read, watch T.V. or both. Though our activity together is probably at an acceptable level, now that my typing is respectable I began thinking I wanted to do a bit more with Mom. So several weeks ago I introduced Mom, who is one month shy of 90, to computer solitaire.

After a life time of playing with them, Mom knew the cards. I'd seen her playing solitaire but I'd never watched closely to see how well she played. If she knew the game at one time, she was definitely rusty. I had to help Mom quite a bit with the moves but she mastered the click and drag immediately. When we finished for the evening Mom smiled and said, "That was fun". Then she added, "I'm not too old to learn something new; never give up, that's me". 

Mom was clearly pleased and she had good reason. She had instinctively rediscovered the purpose of life which is to reach out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God. Every night since, we've pushed the limits of her capacity to analyse, to concentrate and to remember. She is really improving and together we continue to enjoy the rewards of the ideal reaction to the void. (see poem)