WISCONSIN PROTESTS: the rebirth of humanity?


The first time we were given 'life'
By Eve who wondered why.
Uncertain, Adam wet the earth
And made the first reply.

Religions and philosophies
Obscured the void since then;
And one was trusting in the "Dream"
Until Wisconsin, when

Some gathered to protest a law
That clearly is unjust.
It's certain now the 'government'
No longer has their trust.

Now that it's lost, what will they do?
Will they just wade around?
I pray they from the 'mud' give birth
To life on higher ground?

There we would see with open eyes
The scales of justice tip,
Down to humane economy
Up from dictatorship,

That millions more in other states
Agree to overthrow;
Then free of 'mud' create a life
In which we all can grow.

Without dictating what to do
By the economy,
We'll follow all the paths of life
To see what we can be.

The human race to get ahead
We will no longer run.
The life we find along our paths
We'll share with everyone.

The measure of success in life
Will not be what we earn,
But rather by the growing sum
Of everything we learn.

Together we will realize
Capacities innate,
Which in "reaction to the void"
Creates the ideal state.

This vision differs from the 'mud'
That clogs our common brain.
The most important difference is,
This one we can sustain.