So Tiger has another tale
To go with all the rest
Of those who strive throughout their lives
To be the very best.

He's number one, a billion is
The pay he has received;
But more than that are all the fans
Who in a god believed.

They see a man who has it all,
Two kids, a lovely wife;
A Cadillac, secured estate,
A yacht. What's more to life?

Well Tiger found like those before
While getting it is tough.
In tries to fill the void within
"It all" is not enough.

Like Spitzer, Sansford tried more sex,
The Tiger followed suit.
Depite the warning signs, in skirts
He was in hot pursuit.

Now that he's had more than he needs
He's reached a sorry end.
He must still face the emptiness;
But now without a friend.

Olympic Orgy (December 10 2009)