We say we have to keep the 'peace'.
But peace has to be free.
Since keeping 'peace' is costing lives
Then 'peace' it can not be.

We don't keep peace with tanks and guns.
We keep sporatic war
Between the sides that can't agree
On what they're living for.

Real peace is like the air we breathe,
A medium of life
That fills the space between us and
Allows no room for strife.

By living life that's natural
Peace we would generate.
Because we try to fill the void
We have this present state

Of having to prevent the fights
About the ways we try
In vain to fill the void within
With varied reasons why.

Reach out to our capacities,
To others and to God.
With life lines running parallel
There'd be no need to prod.

This natural activity
Yields peace we can't contain;
And as it suffocates the wars
"Ideal" life will remain.