There's nothing like a walk you know
To calm a troubled mind;
For worries like the air we breathe
It seems we leave behind.
It doesn't matter where we walk
Our spirit to defend.
It will be much more healing though
If we walk with a friend.

A friend can help to bear the weight
That's really got us down.
The love of friends is all we need
To melt away our frown.
A friend relieves the pain as well
That stimulates the tears.
To be held close when 'darkness' falls
Will banish all our fears.

The walk through life can be so long
For those without a friend.
Increasing isolation though
Seems now to be the trend.
We shouldn't have to look for friends.
They should be part of life.
There're very hard to find because
Our lives are full of strife.

To ease the strife is difficult.
God help us make amends,
So we create a life in which
We're all each other's friends.

River of Golden Dreams