LIFE: an Olympic journey

There are within the Olympics a few nuggets of value but they are buried in a mountain of self-destructive waste. Trying to fill the void in our lives in any way is self-destructive. The Olympics is the epitome of trying to fill the void with preeminence in the sphere of sports/entertainment. The focus of the entire multi-billion dollar spectacle is the gold. The games allow one individual, an event team and a nation to proclaim they are the best in the world one day in the month of February in 2006. We celebrate one winner and ignore all the losers.

With the pursuit of preeminence dominating our present activities, it is difficult to see that in real life there are only winners. In real life we reach out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God. The goal is not gold but self-realization. There is proof in "the games" that "reaching out the limits of our capacities..." requires an Olympic effort. However, what we don't see is that our capacities are irrelevant. Regardless of our capacities, self-realization gives each of us the same thrill as winning an Olympic gold medal and demands a similar celebration.

The motto of the present Olympics, farther, faster, higher, bigger, better is an unwitting recognition that the void can not be filled. So we really should quit trying to become the best in the world and focus on simply being the best we can be. If this becomes our goal the Olympic games will disappear; but in place of the quadrennial competition that creates a handful of winners in a world of losers will be universal daily participation in a cooperative effort to experience the thrill of achieving self-realization. Self-destruction will cease. Team Humanity will be the winner. see (the last why: the poem)