The Atkin's food company filed for bankruptcy protection this week. Although some critics claim the Atkin's diet is hazardous, an interest in it as well as other diets at least indicated a measure of self concern. A loss of this concern is troubling.

After a brief slow down we've once again accelerated our self-destructive descent into a population of fat asses. This will surely initiate another round of studies. Not one of them will mention the simplest fact. Our physical obesity is merely a projection of our philosophical obesity.

Indeed, in just our compulsive effort to fill the void with human rights we are accumulating critically excessive philosophical weight. We will soon collapse under this weight if we don't first self-destruct in our efforts to fill the void with all the things money can buy.

The most convenient, acceptable and legal anaesthetic with which we try to fill the void We try without concern for the consequences. When trying to fill the void nothing else matters.
 (see poem)