Stretching our generosity to the limit and giving $.70 out of every $100 of GDP will not eliminate poverty. It just might give those at the bottom of our economy enough that we don't have to watch them starving to death on T.V. while we are eating dinner. Poverty and wealth are are directly dependent concepts; wealth increases, poverty increases. In a simplified to the extreme yet valid explanation, poverty exists because our glass is full and theirs is empty. The  only way to get rid of poverty is to break the glasses.

There is no sign this is about to happen. Wealth is fundamental to the vertical, conical economy we create with our materialistic reaction to the void. (see poem) We need money in our efforts to fill the void and more will never be enough. On top of that, if our materialistic reaction is interwoven with a pre-eminence thread there is no way we will jeopardize our efforts to climb the 'cone' by giving to eliminate poverty.

It would be the most significant act in the history of humanity if "LIVE-8" was the impetus that started the shift to a horizontal economy which would emerge as we gradually eliminated wealth by increasing our ideal reaction to the void. It is more likely "LIVE-8" will go down in history as an event "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".