I am not skewing the record to say we watch T .V. only while preparing, eating and cleaning up after meals. Still while watching mainly the news and commercials again the other day, I began to think about the age we are in.

From my school days at the beginning of the Plastic Age, I remember references to the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Moving forward in time there were the Dark Ages after the 'light' was turned off in Rome, and the Middle Ages when we groped around until the 'light' was turned on in Paris, I think. I'm not sure why we left the Age of Enlightenment to enter the Industrial Age. I suppose at the time it was considered progress.

More recently there was an attempt to start a New Age of enlightenment to clear the  'pollution' of the Industrial Age, without success. Surpassing at least the publicity of the New Age has been the Information Age. I searched for Information Age on the web and couldn't find any useful information. That didn't surprise me because I think the lack of potential for information providing meaning in our lives has been realized.

As a consequence, after slipping  quite quickly and without noticing through the Age of Confusion we have entered into the gloriously mind numbing Age of Entertainment. This new age is characterized by trying in vain to fill the void in our lives with every conceivable form of entertainment. It may seem like fun now but sadly we "party on" to self-destruction. (see poem)