I asked Anthony "squarespace"  if I could copy and paste my poem from "Word" to my web page editor. He thought so. This was going to be my first copying and pasting so I got out "Word for dummies" to look for instructions. Right click select, right click copy, open editor but I couldn't find right click paste. I tried I don't know how many times but failed. I e-mailed Anthony. Try "Ctrl C, Ctrl V", he said. I did but apparently failed again. I tried once more and praise the "Word" there's my poem! It wasn't formatted like the original. Nevertheless, it was in the editor.

Quite pleased with myself I began to scroll through my poem; but there was something very odd. I was nearing the end of my poem and the little elevator had moved only about an inch. A fraction of an inch later another copy of my poem appeared. As I continued to pull the elevator toward the bottom, the screen looked like the spinning wheels of a slot machine as copy after copy of my poem appeared and disappeared before my eyes.

I had no idea how to delete all these extra copies of my poem, so confident in my skill I cancelled and started over. This time, first time. But again with the elevator half way down I saw a second copy of my poem. I went to the original and found--2 copies. I deleted one, went back to  the web, deleted another, scrolled down the page and finally, a single copy of my poem on my site. was single-spaced, while the original was formatted in 4 line stanzas. I didn't know how to change the spacing so I asked Anthony. He told me to try Ctrl enter--a bum steer. That gave me twice the space but  got me thinking. If I could reverse the evil hidden force that just doubled my space, I could cut it in half. I remembered reading about deleting the enter character with the backspace or delete keys. I tried backspace but that kept deleting a bit of my poem. I tried delete and zip, the second line snuggled up to the first.
Another set cursor, delete and the third line snuggled up to the second. A final set cursor, delete and the first stanza was having an orgy. I moved to the second stanza and then the third. Pretty soon I was zipping lines around like a kid at Christmas with a new toy car. When I got to the end I selected all, hit center justify and there was my poem.

I was exhausted and I knew I'd left a lot of wreckage in my wake; but I'd done it. It was only a grain of sand on the beaches of the universe but I felt like I had discovered the meaning of life. Real life can be like that.