On November 21 I wrote an entry entitled "God's Plan". It was  motivated by the story of a man who lost his wife and 7 children in a tragic fire. The interviewer asked the man how he was able to continue on with his life in the face of such tragedy. He responded that he continued to believe in God's Plan. I found it so absurd to believe and offensive to hear someone say that the death of a woman and her 7 children was part of God's  plan I felt compelled to defend God, to put the blame where it belonged.

Mom noticed that I wrote into the early morning. She asked what was so important that it couldn't wait until a more reasonable hour. I said I would try to explain but added I wasn't sure she would understand. Mom always looks for the "silver lining" so when I finished my explanation I expected her to respond with a well worn cliché. Instead she astounded me by uttering the most profound, "Poor God".