Paris is burning! Peace is broken. "The authorities are bewildered." Analysts suggest the causes of the chaos are racism, poverty, joblessness, lack of education, failed integration etc, etc, etc. A common man answers his own query with, "They have everything they need". President Chirac proclaims, "The law must have the last word".

The president is right. The law will have the last word; but it is not French law or any other law of Man that will rule. It is the law of human nature. The suggested causes of chaos are simple, recycled, superficial distractions. The real reasons, which no one wants to talk about, are a universal lack of common purpose and a growing sense of meaninglessness. We could tell young rioters from our own experience that even if they had everything we have, they'd still be unable to fill the void beyond the last why. 

To eliminate the real causes of chaos and at the same time to generate peace we simply must stop trying to fill the void. If we don't soon begin replacing our efforts to fill the void with the ideal reaction to it, "Paris is burning!" will be just another echo of the shout from Roman times. In these times though, it won't be only a single civilization that self-destructs. see (the last why: the poem)