So someone asked jailed Conrad Black,
"How will you spend each day?"
"I know I'll write; perhaps I'll teach.
Then I will stand and pray."

And when he prays I'd like to be
The fly upon the wall,
As he and God communicate
About his recent fall.

He first may say, "I thank you God
For the economy
You've pointed to the heavens so
I can be close to thee?

But why have you forsaken me
When you sent me to save?
I've lost it all; I'm penniless
With one foot in this grave."

Perhaps he'll ask, "Forgive them Lord,
They know not what they've done.
You blessed me with intelligence.
I am your favorite son."

Maybe he'll pray, "I need your help
To live this life inside.
It will be tough to live without
The millions you provide."

And when he hears God's silent voice
Lord Black might understand,
God's saying, "All these things you have?
They are not from my hand.

My hands are wrapped around the poor
You men of wealth create.
How can you possibly believe
I would create this state?

I will help you but only if
You promise to help me.
I'm overwhelmed providing for
All of humanity."